Snap2Sophie Rundle on the future for Ann Walker and Anne Lister as Gentleman Jack concludes – Interview with Sophie which appeared on What’s On TV Magazine (UK) 6 July 2019


Q Your character, Ann Walker, faces having to marry her brother-in-law’s cousin while her on-off lover, Anne Lister, is travelling in Copenhagen. Can they possibly get back together in this week’s finale?

Ann loves Anne so much, but she would need to overcome her moral grappling. Her sexuality has been a big mountain for her to climb and she hasn’t been able to understand her feelings for Anne. But their relationship would allow her to develop into an extraordinary woman. Q Why are the two women so perfect for each other? A: When they started, it was a really surprising match. It began with Ann Walker’s money being appealing to Anne Lister, but they have come to balance each other out. When I read the scripts, I remember thinking, ‘This is one of the most extraordinary love stories I’ve ever read, regardless of the fact that these are two women.

Q Has it been fun working with Suranne Jones, who plays Anne Lister?

A: Suranne rocks this part! She’s cool and amazing. But I was so nervous at the chemistry read [part of the audition] and I had such a bad cold. I was sneezing in her face while trying to flirt! It was dreadful but they gave me the job!



Image636980941661709813Q Gentleman Jack will be back for a second run. Why do you think it has captured the imagination?

A: In period drama you never see women like Anne Lister. She’s riproaring. It’s extraordinary that she lived when she did. She and Ann Walker are incredible characters.

Q You’ve also starred in Peaky Blinders and Bodyguard. Were you pleased to be part of those hit dramas?

A Peaky Blinders gave me my first leg-up. It’s such a ballsy, wild show. I don’t think people expected Bodyguard to be such a juggernaut! We thought it would be good, but it just hit the ground running and people invested in it. I really enjoyed it!