GJ Art: New Artist Sunny Yun He!

I'm stoked to announce the addition of a new artist (and one of my favourites) to the site - Sunny Yun He. Sunny doesn't some amazing Xena art and now has turned her hand to Gentleman Jack! I've...

We Are All Social!

AUSXIP Gentleman Jack has now got some really cool social media sites up and running! Sarah Beninger has come on board as our social media maven! We're going to be seeing a lot of videos and all...

Yorkshire Life 1 July 2019 – Jack’s Coming Back!

  From Yorkshire Life 1 July 2019 - Jack's Coming Back! Sassy Yorkshire-baed period drama Gentleman Jack has proved such a hit that it's be back for a second season series. Susan Griffin caught...

New AUSXIP Gentleman Jack Video Site Added

I'm excited to report that I've now added a dedicated video site to AUSXIP GJ - you know I'm seriously head over heels in love with a show when I add a video site- it has interviews, official...

We Welcome New Artist Andrea P to the GJ Artwork Section + New Art!

I'm pleased to announce we have a new artist going the AUSXIP GJ Artwork section - Andrea P! I've added 3 high resolution art pieces of the glorious Anne Lister! Check them out.


Sally Wainright Weaves Fiction Into Gentleman Jack

One of the most distressing scenes from Gentleman Jack is the murder of Sam Sowden by his son Thomas – death by pig type thing. The Daily Star has an interesting quote from Sally Wainright about...

Episode 8 Preview And Anne Lister in a Ballgown!

Anne in a WHITE / CREME BALLGOWN. If that’s not enough to make you giggle, then watch the episode and laugh your head off as Anne STRUTS through the ballroom in a dress. It’s just GLORIOUS.  ...

New Art and Artist Johnette D. Loefgren

I’m pleased to welcome artist Johnette D. Loefgren to the AUSXIP GJ Artwork site! Johnette has drawn our dynamic duo! You can find Johnette’s artwork here

New AUSXIP Gentleman Jack Video Site Added

I’m excited to report that I’ve now added a dedicated video site to AUSXIP GJ – you know I’m seriously head over heels in love with a show when I add a video site- it has...

Mrs. Lister of Shibden Hall – Part 2 by T. Novan

Disclaimers: June 20, 2019 WOW it’s been awhile since I had to write a disclaimer. SO HERE GOES! Not exactly sure how this one should work anyhow, as the characters are well known historical...


Imagine being given a grammar lesson by Anne Lister. I'd be absolutely terrified!

"Had George in the dining room. Gave him good advice and an oral lesson on nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs"

7th Dec 1834


It’s research day with #GentlemanJack costume designer Tom Pye! Bankfields amazing collection of 1830s fabrics are out of stores to inspire him for the series 2 costumes - we can’t wait to see them! #BankfieldFashion

Anne Lister = strength, self belief, courage, hope

“Few people are more sensible of the blessings permitted to them, and few more happy - I am too contented with my own situation to wish to change with anybody”

Letter to aunt Anne, June 24th 1833


Just a tiny bit excited to have received 2 x @BAFTA nominations for #GentlemanJack. For Drama Series and Leading Actress. Huge congratulations to @spiceyw and #SuranneJones. Bring on the awards! 🤞🎩🌈

Well, working for Anne Lister was never going to be easy. In this deleted scene from Episode 7 of #GentlemanJack, Thomas Beech has a tip off from the Norcliffe’s gamekeeper that the carriage might be haunted...🤔👻

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